Our Vision

We aim to help protect the biological and cultural diversity of the Caribou Rainforest for future generations.


Raise Awareness

of the plight of these elusive animals, the threats facing the largest inland temperate rainforest in the world and the complexity of wildlife conservation in the 21st century. Through both field expeditions into the wildest corners of the Selkirk, Columbia and Rocky mountains, and collaboration with leading mountain caribou biologist and conservation groups, we are producing a wide range of visual media, written articles and educational experiences.

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Illuminate the Complexity

of the relationship between mountain caribou and humans, and investigate our impacts on the ecosystem they call home and that we depend on for lumber, clean water, hydropower, and a stable global climate. In 2018 the contiguous United States lost its last herd of mountain caribou. The total population of mountain caribou is estimated at less than 1300 across all of British Columbia. Old growth logging continues unabated across the Canadian portion of the ecosystem.


Document Activities

from logging and its impact on mountain caribou and the globally unique ecosystem they call home.



Make your voice heard on the urgent issues facing the Caribou Rainforest.