Caribou Rainforest

The largest remaining inland temperate rainforest on earth.


Hidden in the interior of the Pacific Northwest

is the largest remaining inland temperate rainforest on earth. This magnificent landscape is home to numerous First Nations communities, thousand year old trees and critical habitat for endangered species like mountain caribou. However, industrial development has pushed this ecosystem to the tipping point.


While these creatures are rugged and resilient

they are vulnerable to the pressure of human activities on their habitat. Industrial logging, habitat fragmentation, changes in predator-prey dynamics caused by human uses of the landscape, and winter recreation in their high mountain winter home, are among the leading stressors.


A population on the brink

With the last herd of mountain caribou extirpated from the wild in 2019, the total population of mountain caribou is estimated at less than 1500 across all of British Columbia and has been in steady decline for decades.


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