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Protecting Old Growth Forests

“The West Kootenays are located in the inland temperate rainforest, a globally rare forest type that is home to old growth stands of cedar, hemlock, pine and fir. Old growth forests capture carbon and keep it in the ground. This is an important part of avoiding the worst part of the climate crisis.“

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Make Your Voice Heard

The caribou need your help, your voice, right now. Let B.C. and Canada know you support caribou habitat protection and recovery efforts.

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Purchase the Book

The story of this iconic animal and stunning landscape provides an example of shifting conservation challenges and tactics in the twenty-first century. Mountain caribou have been identified as an “umbrella species” by conservationists, meaning that protecting their habitat also helps preserve many other species who depend on the same ecosystem.

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Support our critical work to document the imperiled world of an endangered species through research, film, photography & presentations.

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Watch The Movie

Hidden in the interior of the Pacific Northwest is the largest remaining inland temperate rainforest on earth. This magnificent landscape is home to numerous First Nations communities, thousand year old trees and critical habitat for endangered species like mountain caribou. However, industrial development has pushed this ecosystem to the tipping point. The 34 minute documentary “Last Stand” puts the Caribou Rainforest on the map before it’s too late.

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